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Transformers games INI/INT cryptor

This was my first complex project. Using hard-try solutions I managed to put together the first version. Later it was rebuilt and it is now version 5. Clean, pure, understandable code with comments. My history of modding will always be memorial, just as this project. Thanks to Xentax forums and my friend, Evgeny Rekrutik, I learned the first time about file structures, blocks, conversions between byte arrays and integer types, encodings... Many thanks to Bacter, who took the time to disassemble the game and get the decryption key for the configurations. I know the viewer can be a cheater, or an innovator, before you download the cryptor let me remember you that this game is kind if an exception... People don't always sit down and take the time to find decryption keys reading pure assembly. You had better being an innovator and not using it for cheats. It's your choice. Anyhow, this project is STRICTLY EDUCATIONAL.




Target platform. Language and source

Windows console application. C#, .NET Framework 4.7. Open source. Version 5.3.